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Terms of Use

If you want to use the app, you must abide by the following rules:


- Create your profile truthfully.


- Exactly one character (letter, number, etc.) or one emoji is allowed as username.


- Any communication within the app or between users of the app must be done in a friendly and fair manner.


- It is forbidden to publish personal data of other persons.


- Any form of insult, racism or hate speech is prohibited.


- It is forbidden to publish any kind of sexual content or violence.


- Any form of advertising without our written permission is prohibited.


- Any form of spam is prohibited.

- The minimum age is 18 years. In addition, you must be of legal age according to the regional and national laws of the jurisdiction of your place of use.

- Any form of post or comment aimed solely at collecting Coins is prohibited.


- Any publication of phone numbers, email addresses, social media account names or other details that enable communication outside Twiq is prohibited in the feed, comments, profile and Power-Boosters. Such information may only be shared within the private chat and only with the prior consent of the respective chat partner.


- It is forbidden to manipulate the app (e.g. by means of jailbreak or rooting) in order to obtain In-App purchases, subscriptions or other benefits for free.


- You assume the full legal consequences for all activities of any kind caused by you with, through or because of the app.


- By using the App, you accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.


If you do not abide by the rules above, you will be irrevocably banned.


The Terms of Use may be updated at any time and are effective immediately upon publication.


We thank you for your understanding.

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